SVVV University

Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, a private University in the State of Madhya Pradesh, INDIA, was established in 2015. Although a young university, it belongs to a group of other colleges, schools and educational institutes managed under the benign leadership of the 136-year old Shri Vaishnav Sahayak Kapada Market Committee. It has over 7,000 students in graduate, post-graduate, vocational and doctoral programs in architecture, engineering, management, social sciences, science, and technology in five campuses and 15 institutional disciplines in Indore, INDIA.

In engineering, its active research areas include polymer chemistry, green chemistry, photo biology, forensic serology and biology, modern mathematics, plasma research, drug design, magneto-biology, and e-waste management. In management and humanities, its current research covers branding, workplace, happiness, learned optimism, managerial, effectiveness, English literature, psychology, journalism, and mass communication. Electronic devices for braille reading, smart dustbins, and magneto-priming of seeds will be some of its forthcoming innovations. In engineering, it is exploring new technologies in mechatronics, automobiles and railways.