Celebrating 52nd years of continued excellence in research, gaming, facilitation, and game design, we are proud to invite you to contribute to and participate in a very special event. As part of the planned conference, we want to combine rich history with a view into the future of simulation and gaming. We want to celebrate and honor people who have created and contributed to this great society.

The conference activities will involve celebrations of the 52nd anniversary and honor our heroes. The last two days of the conference will be devoted to the future of our organization. We also want to bring people together, and we want it to be the best of all SAGAs so far. The conference theme is very broad and acts as an invitation to present the diversity of simulation and gaming community. We would like to encourage contributions from across all scientific and professional environments.

International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA) is a global community of professionals engaged in the design, development, application and research of games and simulation (GS). It organised its first conference in games and simulation (GS) on 27 and 28 June 1970 in Bad Godesberg, Germany with 40 participants. In its formative years, ISAGA’s early conferences were organised in the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Italy and North European countries.

ISAGA’s members are drawn from a GS community of designers, developers, teachers, trainers, researchers, facilitators, users, and consultants that shared their knowledge, experiences and insights with each other. ISAGA serves as a catalyst for the replication, narration and application of behavioral, economic, and technical, social and other processes to produce new understanding and solve complex problems of the simulated domains. GS methods may use and multi-disciplinary perspectives that include teaching and learning, management games, role plays, board games, card games, policy exercises, scenarios and cases, frame games, computer-based simulations, computer assisted simulations, digital games, serious games, online games, and other forms of experiential learning. In 2021, ISAGA will celebrate its Golden Jubilee at ISAGA2021, the annual international conference.